i must sleep so i can function tomorrow for important stuff like second job interview but i just wanted to say that i’m grateful for the wonderful people in my life on here and elsewhere 💖

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yeah, we can revolt generatively, we can tweak the system and move through a coalition of love (words of my fave writers)

i may need to ask you for reading recommendations. you seem well-read on some things I’m curious about.

Thoughts on Normality

It’s hard to reconcile any value in conventions with the reality of being fucked over by the status quo, or put in more formal terms, systemically oppressed.

Life is, to some degree, inherently cohesive, from the DNA in our cells to the families and ecosystems we live in. My ability to make a post like this, and yours to read it, is dependent on an intricate and continually evolving set of conventions.

Responses to oppression broadly fall into opposing camps, either assimilation or revolution. I won’t bother spelling out the ways both approaches fail to account for long-term outcomes because anyone who’s actually read this far probably knows or can piece it together.

I don’t know that there is any truly sustainable response, but perhaps the element of instability itself is the answer. Systems are changeable, never complete and consistent, so endgame scenarios seem naive to me. I think instead I’ll try to focus on living my own life as some part, no matter how small, of larger change. I can move with some currents and against others, understanding things like love and justice less as destinations and more as driving forces.

when you’re too apathetic to find a .gif to illustrate your point

there is often widespread disagreement amongst myself

Solidarity, on a global scale.

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he refuses to discuss this with me. rent is 13 years overdue

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is existential dread a skill because…

today i actually used the phrase “eye-contact with the abyss” in a spoken conversation

is existential dread a skill because…

I Miss You But I Already Exhausted My Emotional Budget and I’m Not Keen to Bankrupt Myself for Someone Apparently Only Willing to Pay So Little in Return

a memoir